mirror linocut waiting room linocut soup eters linocut

friends linocut discussion linocut

athene linocut people linocut cheers linocut

dancing linocut water fun linocut

dinner picknick linocut Linocut "The waiting room 2", a number of patients in the waiting room at the doctor or dentist stubble linocut

party linocut morning gymnastics linocut

cheers waiter linocut people linocut sigaret bedroom linocut

friends linocut weekend linocut

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There is no original from the linocuts of Twan de Vos.
Starting-point is a black and white drawing.
On the basis of this drawing he starts printing colours and he reacts continuous on what arises.
He paints with the linoleum and continues until he is satisfied.
The printing proces of the 5 colour linocut "cheers 4" you can see here
The print run is small, maximum 25 prints.

Twan de Vos