Screen prints in limited editions, printed by myself in my own screen printing studio

You can order the screen prints online via the screen printing shop.

Silkscreen Happy Hour of Twan de Vos, socializing well into the pub Silkscreen Sunday afternoon concert by Twan de Vos, flutist gives a musical treat in the woods Screenprint In thoughts of Twan de Vos, physically intimate, but in mind somewhere else. Silkscreen Lounging by Twan de Vos, relax with friends

Screenprint Trio de conciertos "by Twan de Vos, three musicians give a sunny concert Silkscreen After work by Twan de Vos, Friday afternoon is the weekend, take a break and refuel in the pub Silkscreen Family Happiness, festive ceremony at the conclusion of a marriage, marriage is a feast to the whole family Screenprint Swing Concert by Twan de Vos, on the beach gives a man a wonderful concert at his sweetheart

There is no original from the silkscreen prints of Twan de Vos.
Starting-point is a black and white drawing.
On the basis of this drawing he starts printing colours and he reacts continuous on what arises.
He paints with the screen and continues until he is satisfied.
The printing proces of the 18 colour silkscreen print Family deliberation you can see here.
The print run is small, maximum 50 prints.

Silkscreen Diva on divan by Twan de Vos, relax on the sofa Silkscreen Line 3 by Twan de Vos, a number of people on public transport, train, bus or subway

Silkscreen Free evening by Twan de Vos, relaxation and enjoy an evening doing nothing Silkscreen Big band by Twan de Vos, with lots of fun making music together, a big band in the streets, marching band, harmony

Silkscreen Billiards lesson by Twan de Vos, 4 men around a pool table who discuss how a carambole can be played best . Silkscreen panpiper by Twan de Vos, panpiper, banjo player and guitarist make music for a beautiful lady, serenade, aubade Silkscreen Fata Morgana by Twan de Vos, 5 frogs form a band and make music

Silkscreen Chippendales by Twan de Vos, women have a night out, to a striptease Silkscreen Pool Call 2 by Twan de Vos, some women and a man talking in a swimming pool, relax Silkscreen Swimming pool 3 of by Twan de Vos, some women and a man talking in a swimming pool, relax

Silkscreen Summer potatoes by Twan de Vos, husband and wife lunch outside under the beach umbrella Screenprint swinging seed by Twan de Vos, sowers at work


Silkscreen proces

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