Fiberglass sculpture "Watching the world different" by Twan de Vos for the Bemok school in Kortrijk in Belgium Sculpture The peat ship of Twan de Vos, a polyester boat filled with peat for the municipality Stadskanaal sculpture polyester family couple man women children sculpture polyester boat couple man women children family

sculpture polyester dance music guitar violin sculpture polyester sculpture polyester liberty hand sculpture polyester dance couple man women Sculpture Opening dance 2, polyester sculpture of a couple opening a party, for instance a wedding by dancing, a tango ostrich peacock polyester sculpture polyester sculpture chicken

polyester statue sculpture art festival dance tango queen garden statue image for outside or in the garden, garden statue bronze, bronze sculpture of a beautiful bird a proud ostrich bronze, bronze sculpture of a bird through a lure is looking for his partner, a trumpet bird bronze, bronze sculpture of eem man looking to the border of sitting and falling, looking for the balance bronze, bronze sculpture of a couple that does not know whether they are dancing or fighting. Twan de Vos puzzle box with screen printing blocks with 6 images also 3 of Margreet van Terwisga Sculpture Opening Dance of Twan de Vos, made ??of paper mache and painted. Reproduced by The Museum Shop

Fiberglass sculpture Proud Bird by Twan de Vos, a large colorful flamingo-like garden statue, statue for outdoor or garden bird Fiberglass sculpture Peacock lure call by Twan de Vos, a large colorful peacock-like bird, who tries to lure and seduce women birds garden statue image for outside or in the garden, garden statue Fiberglass sculpture summit by Twan de Vos, 3 executives discuss important matters during a round of golf, tee, par hole, birdie, green, garden statue Fiberglass sculpture Summer string player by Twan de Vos, a musician, bassist, guitarist plays during a sultry summer evening in the garden, garden statue Polyester statue Cuttlefish by Twan de Vos, a colorful sculpture of a cat with 5 flipper-like legs, sea, cat, kitty, flippers, garden statue Polyester statue Tango by Twan de Vos, man and woman dancing tango full of emotion and devotion, garden statue Polyester statue Ostrich Boy by Twan de Vos, boy riding an ostrich, to sit, he has his jersey on the neck of the ostrich done, garden statue

Polyester statue Fiesta by Twan de Vos and Annelies van Biesbergen , 4 musicians make feast, in the large roundabout would be a wonderful image, garden statue Fiberglass statue Tasty chicken Twan de Vos, beautiful Barnevelder on the table Bronze statue Men by Twan de Vos, 4 men a night out Painted bronze statue Pleasure Boating by Twan de Vos, three women dancing, singing and having fun on a boat Fiberglass statue Dog family by Twan de Vos, a family animals rests, garden statue

Fiberglass statue Fruteman, made ??from pears, bananas, citrus and pineapple, primarily composed of loose parts, made ??on commission for Passina Fruits, it is their three-dimensional logo created by Twan de Vos and Annelies Biesbergen Fiberglass statue Faithful dog by Twan de Vos, beautiful colorful dog looks at his owner with full dedication, garden statue Bronze statue Accordionist by Twan de Vos, accordion player, music Sculpture made ??from biobased flower pots made ??of potato of a frog for the exhibition Landart Diessen by Twan de Vos Polyester sculpture Tribute to the Earth by Twan de Vos, three frogs make music, accordion, guitar and wind instrument, highlighting the beauty of their environment Sculpture Open stage by Twan de Vos, saxophonist, drummer and bass drum trying to jam music together

Polyester teapot for a giant Sculpture Evolution of Twan de Vos, sculpture of a fish that is on the land from the water, made of plastic Bronze sculpture Music Bode by Twan de Vos, messenger with music Sculpture Hug by Twan de Vos, wood, fiberglass and clay Sculpture Well deserved rest by Twan de Vos, sculpture, ceramic, wood and fiberglass men and women resting together Sculpture Musical seduction by Twan de Vos, man tries to seduce woman

Sculpture Encounter by Twan de Vos, sculpture, ceramic and wood, conversation between husband and wife Sculpture Roundtable of Twan de Vos, sculpture, ceramic and wood, two people talking Sculpture Between us by Twan de Vos, man and woman in animated conversation

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