Painting Paradise temptation by Twan de Vos, acrylic on canvas, two people in love Pub Scene Painting by Twan de Vos, two people socializing in the pub Painting Mealtime by Twan de Vos, friend has caught dinner and invites you at the table , we eat fish tonight Painting Only eyes for each other by Twan de Vos husband and wife who are sucked into each other everything around them is forgotten Painting Pub Conversation by Twan de Vos, cozy get-together with a drink in the cafe

Painting Sunbench by Twan de Vos, all together on the sofa in excellent atmosphere Painting Venice by Twan de Vos, acrylic on canvas, in love or just married couple on honeymoon to Venice, romantic on the water in a gondola, art Painting Fiesta by Twan de Vos, acrylic on canvas, celebration in the town square, music and dance, the flamenco art Painting Swing Serenade by Twan de Vos, in a beautiful Spanish countryside during the barbecue a wonderful serenad to the swinging lover, art

Painting Sparkling love by Twan de Vos, many sparks, eyes for no one else, really in love Painting Fanfare by Twan de Vos, drums, bass drum, cymbals and wind instruments, an orchestra travels through the streets Painting Buskers by Twan de Vos, fanfare, drum, harmony, music together, saxophone, bass drum, drums, flute, trombone and more Painting Party Duet by Twan de Vos, musicians bring a serenade to a partying couple, a singer and a saxophone player, music

Painting Romantic boat trip by Twan de Vos, newly married couple, couple in love traveling Painting Astonished fish by Twan de Vos, woman dives from a high rock in the water during the holidays, the fish are thinking Painting Our sandy beach by Twan de Vos , lovers have a beautiful beach and blue sea to enjoy Painting Concerto for each other by Twan de Vos , guitarist and singer singing and playing music together in a beautiful spot on the beach near the mountains

Painting Pretaste by Twan de Vos , 3 friends throw a party , they have a party to determine what kind of drink they want at the party ainting Billiard among themselves by Twan de Vos , 4 billiard players have a discussion about the game what is the next shot Painting Women pride by Twan de Vos 3 women in a boat sail through the canals of Amsterdam following the example of the Gay Pride Painting Feather shot on red by Twan de Vos , 4 billiard players discuss how these carambole should be played billiards

Painting Life's a feast by Twan de Vos men, women and children enjoy how beautiful life can be. Painting Family Forest walk by Twan de Vos a family evening walk after dinner in the forest Painting Summer Love by Twan de Vos sun, sea beach fish cat music a wonderful holiday Painting Music Love by Twan de Vos men playing music to show their love for a woman guitar violin, flute serenade serenade

Painting Spanish Morning gymnastics by Twan de Vos , 3 ladies do their exercises on a sunny morning in a beautiful landscape Painting Budding romance by Twan de Vos the first steps on the path of love are put, careful investigations first date


Twan de Vos
Aan de Rijn 5
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