Small linocuts

Linocut Bacchus of Twan de Vos, the god of wine Linocut She is a farmer by Twan de Vos kissing linocut cat linocut guitar linocut

dinner linocut person linocut bath linocut music linocut Linocut Double transport of Twan de Vos, goods transport

Linocut Superfohn of Twan de Vos, woman at the hairdresser Linocut Clean pig by Twan de Vos Linocut Walking the hares by Twan de Vos cat linocut stubble linocut

flowers linocut Linocut Tough of Twan de Vos, printed according to the method Picasso interview linocut Linocut Beach walk, printed according to the Picasso method painting linocut light linocut Linocut Pigs Weather by Twan de Vos, bad weather

vakantie Linocut Evening walk by Twan de Vos vissen Linocut Little yellowbreast by Twan de Vos, bird in tree

Linocut Weekend, dancing together in the disco Linocut Cherries transport by Twan de Vos, cherries in basket on head Linocut Playing Recorder by Twan de Vos, printed by the Picasso method protection linocut

How the printing works

The linoleum is cut out, rolled in with printing ink The linoleum inlaid with ink is put on the print, here are already a number of colors.

Roll in linocut with ink and place on the print

The linocut is printed by walking over it I use my own weight After printing, the linocut is still being updated where necessary

Print and update linocut after printing

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